Re: Horrible battery life with Oreo


The phone has no damage.  It is essentially brand new. 

Then only "issue" shown in the health check is that I have location services turned on. I've had these enabled on my previous phones.  My wife's Note 8 with Nougat has them enabled.  Battery life on those phones is acceptable.

I'm curious about your advise to close out unused apps, as this runs directly counter to established operating wisdom for Android: "Swiping away apps from recent tasks kills the process of those apps, thus prevent them from being cached in memory. When you launch them later, it takes longer time and much more CPU cycles to create the process and re-initialize the app runtime."

Is this actually Verizon's advise?

I have disabled most apps from using background data.  Other than this, I'm running my phone in the same configuration I have for previous versions of Android.