Fitbit Flex no longer connecting after update
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This week I got the most recent Verizon/Samsung Android update (N915VVRU2CQF2). Since then my Fitbit Flex tracker no longer syncs to the phone. It syncs via a USB dongle on my computer, so it's not the device. On the Fitbit forums, multiple people are reporting this issue after this update (and a serious lack of help from Fitbit). From various troubleshooting efforts I've done, it's clear that the app on the phone can't find the tracker, which connects by Bluetooth, but connects directly rather than by pairing in the normal way. I tested another Bluetooth device (a keyboard) that had previously been paired with the phone, and it connected properly.

Has anyone else experienced BT connectivity issues after this update, particularly with devices such as Fitbit that connect directly rather than by pairing?

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