Re: Return Box?


I will spare you all the details! What a fiasco! I am with most of you. I have over 8 hours with Verizon CS; 3 visits in store, numerous "chat" and 6+ calls to their CS phone number plus community BB postings, where the answer showed the question was not really read before the answer returned. That response said a local store could take my Note 7. I tried, nobody told the local store that...

I sent a 5 page word document to a friend (manager) at a competitors company with this process (..or lack there of...) with Verizon and that was 5 pages, 11pt font, leaving out most of the details! He is aghast!

The last CS interaction, 8 days ago confirmed no box has been ordered which of course is opposite of what I have been told for over 2 weeks. CS stated they were generating a shipping label, expect it in 3-5 business days. No label. 7 days total. No label.

To be fair, it was not promised, just expected in 3-5 days, so maybe tomorrow., maybe Monday? (19 days?) And the last CS person, Casey was the first that actually seemed to finally try and figure it out out,

we were on chat for over an hour. To her credit, she was very creative.

Why can't a box simply be ordered by Verizon?????? SKU returndevise.

BTW: I did call Samsung CS. They said Verizon is supposed to send out the boxes if you bought it from Verizon. That is also the opposite of what I have been told for two weeks. That's another story.

No box

BTW: Verizon: Your own spell check in this forum does not recognize "Verizon" as an English word.

****You have been my only carrier. Am seriously looking at others now. You took a totally Samsung mistake and created a fiasco by not having a unified and cohesive response among your corporate layers. Really, PLEASE check the recorded conversations where your CS was confused on why I would return a NOTE 7! This was during the 2nd recall.