Re: i've never received any txt msg regarding the current return process, have you?

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tc2013 wrote:

You mean I cannot post my pregunta here and waiting for the legit answer from the Verizon staff?

Sounds weird. Who are you? An Verizon forum administrator?

I saw the "ASK QUESTION" tab and so I asked a question and looking for answer from "Verizon staff". What's wrong with it??

Just a heads-up... Everyone in this Note7 forum were/are a little agitated because of the whole Note7 recall fiasco. If you're not sensitive enough about your contribution, please pay a little sympathy to most of the Note7 victims here.


Absolutely you can. But if you know what a forum is then you should also know that you're never guaranteed a direct response from Verizon staff in this case, you did get one.

This is a peer forum, meaning you have the chance to ask a question, and have it answered by other customers, and possibly employees of the company.

But hey, at least you got your answer from a Verizon staff, about 30 hours after you posted your question.

In the future if you don't want peer help, then don't ask in a peer forum. If you don't understand what a peer forum is then I suggest you do a search to find out. If you do know what a peer forum is, then your mentality of coming here and telling somebody who gave you nearly the same information as a Verizon employee is, that their answer isn't good enough basically makes your use of a peer forum pointless, in which case instead of wasting everyone's time, just call support.