Re: Note 7 not preferring to use Wi-Fi?


Not only should a 'fix' be investigated by this subject, but this is also an attempt to raise awareness to fellow users who may be surprised by with higher network data usage. 

With my old S5 my usage averaged less than 3GB per cycle.  With the Note 7 in only 2 weeks of use in my billing cycle usage jumped to over 6GB.  Thats a new plan for many and an increased cost that could pose problems for some users.  I also have Wi-Fi available at almost every location I use the phone except when driving between facilities.  Currently I'm less than 4 days into my new billing cycle and already over a gig of data usage. 

This is a huge difference, and potentially a big problem for Verizon Wireless if people discover Verizon has placed a preference to using their network over available Wi-Fi service in the devices packaged software.