Re: Galaxy Note 7 - Second Recall


I think most people have a problem spending extra money when it's not their fault and they shouldn't have to. Obviously Verizon didn't make the phone. But if them or Samsung really care about our safety being a priority, they'd give us something to use in whatever meantime or be a little lenient on "forcing" people into a 2yr contact on an inferior phone.  Some people have BEEN ready to give their N7 back. But the problem is Everyone doesn't have a backup phone, and Verizon's only option is "upgrading" to a phone "currently available", or sending you back out the door to fend for yourself with a possibly faulty phone. Some have pre-ordered phones or have phones on back order, no option for them either. Even if you buy a used phone, you still have to wait for it to ship to you. Still a risk.