Re: Replacement Galaxy Note 4 is not charging properly; dies quickly

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I would be concerned too if my phone were behaving like this. Whenever you get a replacement phone through your Asurion insurance, they provide a 1 year warranty. All you need to do is contact them directly at 888-881-2622. I reviewed your previous posts and I am alarmed by the fact our phone is stating over 100 apps are draining the battery. In a lot of circumstances, the software on the phone could be the culprit for the concerns you are having. To ensure that the device is physically OK, we would like you to back up your information and perform a factory reset. When the phone is powered back on, please do not restore your information. Instead, please try using the device for 24 hours and report back the battery life. If you experience an increase in battery life, then we know the problem was with the installed applications.

Here is a link on how to back up your phone:

Here is a link on how to factory reset your phone:

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