Re: Here is the swap answer for N7 - What about VZW online purchases?


Thanks for your reply JohnB_VZW regarding the EXCHANGE of my Note 7 for a new re-released version.. I was however, posing my question to an earlier poster,  (see below) that indicated he had gotten the word last Friday that there would be no problem exchanging the device via phone but he obviously had an EMPLOYEE account and I was inquiring as to whether or not regular customers would be afforded the same convenience. As you can see from his reply, yes, he was successful. Incidentally, as was I and am now restoring my phone once again, as it just arrived via UPS 20 minutes ago. I did however have to buy the phone all over again as if it was a standard return because I wasn't happy with the device. Probably not a requirement for employee accounts.

I appreciate your response but I have to ask, as this whole issue began three weeks ago, and thousands upon thousands of views and posts regarding the questions as to process, procedures, reassurances ... the VZW voice has been remarkably absent from this forum and as it is the only method that many relied on for information and assistance due to the conflicting information that was presented to us as customers through the various VZW channels, that is frankly disappointing and disconcerting. It seems that now that the situation is coming to a close -- some folks with more frustration than others at local Corporate stores, and some of us that managed to get a CSR willing and able to work with us in getting a replacement device shipped to us -- there is a much louder VZW voice. And unfortunately still not addressing actual questions that have been posed but rather canned answers, for the most part. So having watched and participated in these forums for the past 20 days, it seems that the only customer market Verizon seems to hold in the highest esteem, making the exchange process as painless and simple as possible, has been Verizon employee accounts. I don't begrudge employee accounts anything, they are customers too. But how about the rest of us? The very question I am framing to pose to your executive offices shortly.

I am with an employee account.  I called today. New phone was shipped and should receive Friday