Re: Here is the swap answer for N7 - What about VZW online purchases?


I suggest you read the whole thread and take notice of the other two CSR's that have also given half canned answers, just to my post. Which once again leaves me wondering what I am to do. We live in a small part of Southern Maine and there is only ones store nearby which is a 40 min drive. We have a very sick dog at home and other things going on like all humans do. Seriously after waiting patiently, reading all information coming into this forum, statements from other tech sites, statements from Samsung and also CPA, I am stunned that even in this one thread let alone the many, many, that posted under N7 recall, none of us are getting the same information. Many of us are really trying here to be patient and give it time but we are not being treated fairly at all and we deserve better. Since I am replying directly to you, maybe you could just clear up some of this now, instead of waiting for more of us to comment and another CSR coming on with a different canned answer. Seriously, VZW you need to do better by all of us here and selling to new customers when Samsung sent out 500,000 new units for carriers to TAKE CARE OF RECALL CUSTOMERS FIRST. So, please. Reply. Do I go to the store or not as we ordered two N7's online and have hung on to them waiting for a SOLID answer. We also used our upgrades and traded up our phones for a discount and the last thing we need right now is VZW making money off our misery and charging us as we are setting up a new account. We have a very ill dog and she needs that money to survive... thanks.