Re: Here is the swap answer for N7 - What about VZW online purchases?


The primary reason I ordered online is because I'm disabled, and it's quite difficult for me to go Anywhere. . .  After a week of being told by Verizon that my ONLY option was to exchange at a store, I finally had some luck yesterday!

After some polite persistence, and striking out with the first 2 reps I spoke with, the third time was the charm! Not only did Valerie have my replacement and return packaging shipped Yesterday, she Also went ahead and credited the sales tax and first payment from the original purchase! I'm just happy that I finally reached someone that was willing to make the effort to do some digging and make it happen. Her company, through their poor planning, should've Never put her in the position where that was even necessary! I'm also glad I'll have both phones at hand, so I can transfer my data/settings in the comfort of my recliner!  versus being rushed in a crowded store. Looking forward to the new phone, which is scheduled to be delivered by 11am tomorrow (Thursday).