Re: Galaxy Note 4 Marshmallow Issues


My Note 4 experiences all of the issues listed in this thread, but in addition, my bluetooth stereo connection is now filled with constant crackle and pop - type sounds.  I use pretty high-end BT stereo headphones, (LG HBS-900), and they've never-ever manifested any kind of distortion on Lollipop.  In addition to the distortion issues, the phone periodically drops the connection to the headset, only to restore it a few seconds later.  This is super-annoying and quite disruptive, especially if that happens in the middle of a call.  Hard to believe that no-one at google or samsung ever bothered to test this piece-of-doo-doo "upgrade", which so far looks and feels like a complete "downgrade".  And, that's not to mention the notable slowdown of everything running on my phone.  Without exaggeration, everything on my Note 4 now easily 3 or 4 times longer to launch and run.  I'm seriously considering moving back to Lollipop until Goog/ung get their act together.  And Verizon to at least starts to test the most basic features of the hardware they sell, like BT.