Does Samsung pay attention to our complaints on here ?

My first smartphone was a Droid Incredible in 2011. Then a Motorola Razr. Then a Galaxy S4. Then S5. Now Note 4. I got the Note 4 last year because: A - I love the size. B - I love the functionality. C - The Note 5 was already out but since it had no micro SD slot, I went with the 4. Not that I'm a fanboy of Android vs IPhones. I never had one because I never saw enough of a difference and Google Maps was enough of a reason to stick with Android. My new car has navigation. And it has Android Auto and Apple Car Play so I'm no longer limited.

Dear Samsung.....

When I downloaded the Marshmallow update in early June, you destroyed the phone I loved so much. EVERYTHING was lagging, slow, and glitchy. After 48 hours of dealing with that, I did a hard reset. Nothing changed. The phone also started rebooting on it's own. A few times it actually triple-rebooted. I opened a text, the phone froze, then rebooted. Before I could even input my code on the lock screen, it rebooted again. Once again before I could even input my lock code, it rebooted AGAIN. The battery was then completely discharged. I had to plug in the charger before I could restart it. The following day, I did another hard reset and it was much better. Not as perfect as it was before the update, but better. The triple rebooting continued. Verizon graciously replaced the phone, which seemed to work better than my original except for texting.

After 2 or 3 more triple reboot episodes, another Verizon tech suspected it was the battery and had a new one sent out. That solved the triple rebooting. Then to add insult to injury, I started getting "Slow charging. Please connect the correct Samsung charger to properly charge your phone" message. Verizon replaced the charger and all was well again. EXCEPT TEXTING !!! Every app, every game, every function works great except for texting. I use the built-in texting application. Typing is laggy. Response when opening the app is laggy. It pretty much freezes if a text comes in while I'm typing one. The BACK function is laggy and freezes for a few seconds. I have tried two downloaded text apps to check if there was any difference. There was none.

I restart my phone every night and update any apps that pop up to be updated. I have cleared the messaging app cache. I have an app-cache cleaner app. I have powered the phone off and restarted holding the power, home, and volume up buttons to clear the app cache partition multiple times and still nothing. PLEASE DON'T TELL ME TO DO ANOTHER HARD RESET !!!!  Including the two hard resets I did on the returned phone, that will make 4+ hours of my life I will never get back. Will there EVER be a fix for this ?

Yours truly,

The guy who REALLY likes the Note 7 but is wondering if he should spend the money on it, or finally take a chance on an IPhone.....

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