Re: Can't update to 4.0.4


Although I have a number of apps on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (SGN), I have not done anything to "root" or "unlock" my phone (if that's what they're called).  I've had the same problem trying to install the 4.0.4 update over a dozen times during the last few days.  I can "download" and "verify" the update, but after the phone shuts down and tries to reboot to install the update, the phone freezes on the black screen with white "google" lettering and I need to take the battery out to un-freeze the screen.  I've seen this same problem identified on a number of websites, but there aren't any suggestions on how to fix this for those of us who have not tampered with the phone (i.e., kept it as is, without rooting or unlocking - if that's what they're called).  The only "answer" I've seen is that this is a phone problem and the phone should be returned to Verizon for a warranty replacement of a new (non-refurbished) SGN.  I am totally disgusted with Verizon / Samsung / Google.  I bought my SGN the first day it was sold, and have patiently waited almost 6 months for the update fthat I expected would fix my many dropped calls, random re-booting, lousy signal, etc.  Now to not even be able to install the update I've waited so long for is totally unacceptable.  Can anybody help?  Gracias.