Re: I really feel betrayed by Verizon and this phone

I now have a Maxx Razor. Thanks to some good people at Verizon who did take time and listened to my concerns, I now have a phone that works. If you encounter someone who is rude to you, as I did, who consistantly quotes policy and refuses to assist you, ask to speak to a Supervisor. There is ALWAYS one available. When I explained my issues to my local supervisor, who was from Tennessee, I was helped. The 4G network seems to have issues with certain devices. My husband just switched to an I phone and it performs flawlessly. Like KellyAllen (thank you for your persistance), I am not having issues with the android platform on the Razor-so I hope this continues. I really liked my Galaxy Nexus. It was a shame I could not get it to work. I did not appreciate, however, how difficult it was for me to communicate this problem. In the future, I hope, by posting this, that Verizon will continue to work with their loyal customers, who like their products, service and most importantly, their own customer service people, who represent them and continue to work to make them the best provider in cell phone service in the nation. Smiley Happy