Re: Battery Charge Not Happening Consistantly With Gingerbread


JohnB_VZW wrote:



I'm sorry to hear you are having charging issue with your Fascinate after the SW update. You may have to perform a restablecimiento completo on your phone. Sometimes a hard reset is needed after a software update. This should help with the charging issue you are experiencing. 


If after the hard reset you are still having the same charges issues, please post back and I will be more than happy to further assist you.


I Have 3 Fascinates 2 are active one is not

They all do it on the one that is not active I did a factory hard reset and it is still doing it even though there have been 0 apps installed


My point is it is the problem is in the firmware  eh03

The problem did not exist in the ed05 firmware


It is a firmware not hardware problem and my battery's are fine



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