Re: Battery Charge Not Happening Consistantly With Gingerbread


Yes - it is happening. When you are charging your fascinate and it states that charging is complete - it does not trickle charge from that point on. You are effectively on battery from that point forward.



Here is what's happening:

  • As the device is charging it will display the msg "Charging (97%)" ... etc...
  • When it reaches 100% it will send a notification message "Battery fully charged. Unplug charger" 
  • At this point notice that the "charging indicator" is no longer showing on any widget or battery monitor.
  • The device continues to send the msg 100% to the display - but you are on battery power here

Leave it plugged in for another 2 hours and although it says 100% as soon as you unplug it will immediately show 87% (or whatever)


No trickle charge between the time the device hit 100% and plug removal.