Re: Battery Charge Not Happening Consistantly With Gingerbread


To compensate for this occurance, I've basically battery-pulled any time I restart the phone as this seems to help.  I haven't had the major charging issues that I was having since I've been doing this.  I shouldn't have to do this, but if it makes the phone operate normally again, I'll do it.


The last couple mornings when I've taken the Fascinate off the charger from it's overnight charge, it's been in the mid-90s percentage-wise once I pulled the cord out.  It's still not 100%, but it's not been 60-percent anymore.  After I pull the cord out to see what the actually battery power is, I put the cord back in and it seems to get up to a true 100% in just a few additional minutes and shows as such when I pull the cord out again.


I also don't leave it on a charger as often as I normally would during the day and I'm allowing the battery to die as much as I reasonably can before recharging per the advice in this thread and in others with battery issues since Gingerbread.  I'm not sure if this is helping the cause or not, but since the battery is now not having the major issues it was having last week, I'm going to keep doing this and battery pulls between every restart.


If others have this kind of problem I am having, post here and let us know if doing this has helped your phone issues at all.  Since this has only been going well for less than a week for my Fascinate, I'm not sure that this is an actual cure or not myself.  We'll see.