Re: Gingerbread EH03 on the way for Fascinate :)


jamesknix wrote:

I have tried this download 6 or 7 times now, and each time I get a message saying "device runs out of memory". I have plenty of memory on my phone, over a gig on the actual phone and 8 on the SD Card. The RAM is fine as well. Has anyone else dealt with this problem?


If so, please help!

Hey!  The times that I have gotten the "memory" error was times that the phone is trying to use WIFI to download and I have no WIFI connection or when I have a WIFI connection but I believe with the update it doesn't use the WIFI so just make sure the WIFI is turned off and not that the phone says it won't use the WIFI.  Try that and maybe it will work.  Just a suggestion.  Hope it helps.