Re: Gingerbread EH03 on the way for Fascinate :)

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PBM wrote:
I'm glad there's an official announcement that my Fascinate will soon get GB since my kids with the Incredible got it. Few weeks ago. However, any news on when the Continuum will get an update to Froyo, or hopefully GB also? This is pretty disappointing especially since I convinced my husband to get the Continuum because I loved the Fascinate and VZW discontinued it.

  Now see, in my house, it was the other way around to some extent. I had the Fascinate, and it has been great, and my wife was due for an upgrade. She liked my smartphone, but she instead got the Continuum, because she thought the Fascinate was too big for her. I told her that she would not be happy with the smaller screem, but she thought it would be good. She got the same line from Verizon that I got, "It will be updated to the new OS soon, so those features should work then, just wait for it.."  Since then, the Fascinate has been updated, and the Continuum has been left in the dust, with probably no chance of any upgrades. And she has also agreed that the screen is too small for her, and that she should have gotten the Fascinate.

  I feel bad for the Continuum users, but then again, she has not had to endure the problems the Fascinate has had.