Re: Gingerbread EH03 on the way for Fascinate :)

Herbb623 wrote:



Out of curiousity, how are you determining that the GPS locks 'instantly' ?


Running EH03 as well.  So far, works great.



I have a couple of programs  and I am comparing it to how it acts on ed05

Copilot is my navigation program I use.

On ed05 I would have to check gps stand alone ,Google services,and vzw services and still wait for it to determine my position.

With eh03 I only turn on stand alone and it locks and shows my position Instantly.

It will even lock inside the house it does take a little while in the house though.

But in the car Instant Lock and it goes to my position.

The other program GPS Test you can see it locking on the Satellites