Re: Backup Assistant on Samsung Fascinate

Ok. I was looking on the PC side in Gmail Contacts. It does not show there. I do see it on my phone as you say. The ones that are getting backed up with BA have the Phone Symbol and are the # service numbers that came with the phone plus one other that I guess saved to the phone contacts by accident. There is no way to change from one to the other or add a Phone Contact symbol to a Gmail contact. I did create a generic phone contact then joined one of my gmail contacts to it and it came up with both symbols however once I joined the generic phone contact it was no longer available to be joined again with another gmail contact. So I would have to create duplicates of all my gmail contacts as phone contacts in order for BA to back them up. Not worth the effort. I hate being beat by a device or application ! I once imported all my contacts from gmail to Facebook and found out that gmail saves every email address you ever used even if you do not have it in your contact list. So I would up with over 600 contacts in whatever I was doing and had to delete all the ones that I had no idea who they were.

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