ARRGGGG Gingerbread update - Phone keeps turning off!!!

All was well until I updated to Gingerbread. Now my phone either turns itself off and restarts or goes into a black sceen which can only be recovered by removing the battery or while in the middle of a conversation I will get the Verizon startup jingle playing in my ear ....I never lose the call but I can no longer hear the other person though they can hear me saying "Hello? Hello? Hello?".....Grrrrr Verizon/Samsung


And I'm almost positive that Verizon's solution will be to reset the phone to the factory settings, which quite honestly is a pain and instead up feeling like you have upgraded, you feel that you've taken a step backwards....losing information and having to reinstall your apps.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I love being a beta tester!!!!