Voicemail greeting is gone after phone moved to PrePay


For the past 6 years, I have had a PostPay Verizon account with a special recorded VoiceMail Greeting.  This greeting was very special to me because it was recorded by a family member.  I have had multiple Apple phones, the special greeting, and any messages always moved to the new phone.  We decided to change plans to PrePay and the customer service rep told me "everything" would move from my PostPay account to the new PrePay account, (same phone and number).  Everything moved but not the greeting did NOT!  

Calling back to support, Verizon support said they would check with technical support but they never call back.  So.. after being on the phone multiple times, trying to get Verizon people in PrePay to Talk to Verizon people in PostPay - with no success, I thought I would try the community.   Any ideas?    

Sandy - LKN, NC
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