Re: Unlimited data has no Mobile Hotspot!


I have a Similar problem I Purchased the iPhone 11 Pro and paid $1300 that day to have a phone that was gonna be unlocked and was under the impression by your employee that I would have unlimited data with a hotspot on the $55 plan which I find out this week is not true since I could not get in touch with anyone to speak to because this is a critical issue that I need handled because I work on my iPad from home and I need Unlimited data as well as hotspot.unlimited data as well as hotspot hotspot. I do have everything in writing on the paperwork the day about the phone as to how the plan would be. So I have been back-and-forth with you people and I have been lied to by three of your representatives as to the plans you offer. Since I could not get anyone on the phone yesterday I changed over to the unlimited data plan because I was told it had hotspot only to find out yesterday it did not so I'm messed up I can't even change my plan back to the $55 plan even to get a hotspot even though the date it was already used so I'm angry !!! When I inquired about the unlock of my phone it was supposed to be 30 days I found out yesterday also that I have another 15 days left before the phone will be even unlocked now I'm really angry because I can't change companies in which I plan to do. So is there anything you can help with I was even told a ticket was sent into technical support to correct the issue only to be lied to so please tell me what your suggestion would be