Re: Unlimited data has no Mobile Hotspot!



It does not sound like you understand, No plan has unlimited data for mobile hot spot. post or prepay. I would have to buy a hot spot device. I did not look into that.

Your reply is a canned reply. It is not the best answer. Don't worry you still should get a pay check. The only answer to this is a plan that would allow unlimited data (Internet) to the mobile hot spot, connecting only one device at a time, and out of a possible 3-5 devices registered to an account. 

I know the world wants to use there smart phone to watch TV and browse the internet, and facebook. I do not believe in leaving class and work to run down the street with a kazoo. Is that what Bernie Sanders wants to pay for. 

I use the hot spot on our smart tv and a chromebook. Network performance is just fine. If I sign up for unlimited then I should get unlimited even for the hot spot.

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