Unlimited data has no Mobile Hotspot!


So a Verizon representative that hotspot was disabled on a Unlimited plan. Because customers shared the data between all their family devices. Fair enough!

So I live where there is no ISP that provides 4G except Satellite. So data has a latency but it does work. 

Wait a minute "data"? What is data. It is a connection to the Internet. 

I do not watch TV or browse the Internet on a five inch by three inch screen. Those who do, good for you. What is the sense of having a 52 inch smart TV. Ever tried to share a smart phone screen resolution with a 52 inch smart TV screen resolution. 

Netflix original 

Lost in Space episode: 700 MB

One Movie: 1007 MB

Verizon comes the closes to providing the most reliable network in the states. So think about this Verizon! Watch one Netflix original movie a weekend is about 4 gig a month. The smart phone and Chromebook updates and one Linux OS.

Please provide a reasonable price plan for a reliable customer willing to register their 5 devices too an unlimited plan.

Oh yea still can not access My Verizon website for one smart phone account!! Been three months+