Why can't I activate my SIM card?


activate my moto g4 play on Prepaid.  Took rep 2 hours because she kept getting a sim incompatible error.  finally she used a store phone to acticate and then switched the imei on the account to my phone (kept getting sim incompatible error. 2 problems persist with this.  1.)  I have no data at all when on a call (used to drop to 1X when i had this same phone on verizon in february 2.)  i cannot access most the features in my my verizon portal.  (no texting from web, cant look at account, features, phone plan, etc.  They give an Error 119Device and Sim are imcompatible.  the sim was been changed to an NFC sim thinking that this might fix it, but no dice.  Agradezco cualquier tipo de ayuda.

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