Horrible Verizon Prepaid Customer Support Experience and still no resolution


My wife purchased a Samsung Galaxy S4 through the Verizon Wireless website on Monday.  She selected the All Set Plan and chose to port her existing number from Page Plus. 

On Tuesday the phone arrived but wouldn't activate.  We spend about 2 hours on the phone with 5 different Verizon customer support people and are eventually told that the number hasn't ported over and that it will be complete on Thursday at noon. 

Thursday at noon the old phone stops working, but the new phone still doesn't work.  On Thursday night, we spend another 2 hours on the phone with 4 more customer service people and we are told that the number has ported over.  The problem now is that whenever she tries to make a call she gets the Verizon Payment Center.  Customer support says we have to enter a payment for her All Set Plan.  We tell them they already billed our credit card for it when we bought the phone.  The customer service rep says she has to submit a form to have someone locate the payment. She provides a form number that starts with PH and says someone will call us back on Friday. 

Friday comes and goes and we hear nothing from Verizon. 

We call customer support back today (Saturday). We explain the situation to 1 sales rep who hangs up on us.  We call back and explain the whole situation to another sales rep.  After 20 minutes on hold he announces he has to transfer us to someone else.  10 more minutes on hold and the person who answers says she doesn't have access to prepaid accounts.  Another hold period and we get transferred to another CS rep who spends another 20 minutes "looking into it" announces she can't find any record of the form that was supposedly submitted on Thursday (even though we give her the number).  She proceeds to submit a new form (again starts with PH) and says it will be a few days.  We ask about a credit to the account so we can at least use the phone and we're told no.

Should we just dispute the charge with our credit card company?  Is there a way I can call someone in the online payments group directly without spending 2 hours on the phone with CS reps who don't know anything?

The move from Page Plus to Verizon is starting to feel like a big mistake.

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