Why Pay $70.00 a month just to be called a liar and still no justice?

I have been with Verizon for years and I have had the same number the whole time. I have had to switch phones 3 times because they stopped working. I have had unlimited Data all these years. Two weeks ago my phone witch was an Android Smartphone just stop working so I took it a Verizon Store and they said the phone was defected and I had to purchase another one because that phone was not going to work anymore so I traded that phone for another Android Smartphone not the same one because they don't carry that kind anymore. I kept my number again just like before. But this time my data didn't go to my new phone my contacts nothing like it did the other times I switched phones. Then my unlimited data plan was not on it either i pay $70.00 a month and i don't know why now i have to buy data if it switched before then why not now. I should get whatever service i had before i had to purchase another phone because my other phone was defected not by me but the phone system it self. I called to see why and not only did the operator say they didn't have nor ever have unlimited data for Verizon a Supervisor  said it as well and I know that was a lie. So I went back to the Verizon Store for them to look at my account and see what I had and it said Unlimited Data now I don't feel that just because you took it away that i have to buy it when I already had it. It should've went to my phone like before and yesterday I was talking to a Mr. LaMonte and he called me a liar two or three times when I told him I had Unlimited Data before I had to change phones and then he said they never had it on a smartphone so he lied too. but calling me a liar is very disrespectful I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I never got to. Well $70.00 service is what you will be missing because I won't be treated like this. I am switching to another Company.

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