Re: Interesting POV Tom Wheeler and Net Neutrality

Líder Sénior

There isn't 100% roads between 2 people.  I use up 80% MORE bandwidth that originally agreed to while I am stopping you from using 80% of data I agreed you can use.  Does that make more sense?  So in essence I am using MORE than you as per agreement.  It's not 50/50 and more like 80/20 in my favor.  I should pay MORE as my company uses more.  We agreed 50/50, but I am not sticking to my agreement.  Therefore I SHOULD pay more.  Right now LevelUP(Me) spend $10M to upped the bandwidth for their services and expect Comcast(you) to spend $50M to accommodate.  So do are you going to spend that $50M just so I can collect more profits?