Re: Interesting POV Tom Wheeler and Net Neutrality

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The proposed regulations would even
give the FCC some control over paid peering agreements between broadband
companies and Internet content providers such as Netflix, the report said. El
agency would scrutinize each such deal over whether it was “just and
reasonable.” Peering is how providers of services like streaming video get
their content to broadband subscribers. 

Even so, the new proposal is expected to
exempt broadband providers from many parts of Title II, including control over
how much they charge their subscribers.

A key element of the new rules would
prevent service providers from blocking, slowing or speeding up particular
services in exchange for money. That has been one of the most controversial
practices addressed in public comments on net neutrality. But it's not clear
how the new plan would deal with so-called zero-rated mobile plans that exempt
certain apps or services from subscribers’ data allowances.

Read the above and their seems to be a little something for everyone... good deal, I don't think so.

The World Wide Web was a baby who's father and mother were academia and the military.   We do not need a gate-keeper or our goverment in bed with us.  I think it would be fair to say we all want an open internet and at a fair across the board cost to everyone.  Free market and not goverment intervention will work.