Re: Interesting POV Tom Wheeler and Net Neutrality

Líder Sénior

If you feel they are double dipping then you don't believe in 50/50. Pretend we both own a road. And I send 80% of the cars traveling through your road while collecting a toll. You don't collect a toll through 40% of those customers(other providers like TWC and such collect those tolls) all while I keep a vast majority of my tolls and only allow 20% of your tolls through my roads. Now I tell you to build another lane for me to deliver more of my cars through your roads. Is that fair to you? Is that really being neutral? It was NEVER about the content. It was always about the bandwidth. It just so happened that the bandwidth was one sided.

Why do you think Google of all companies backed away from Net Neutrality? They have YouTube and it uses more bandwidth that Netflix. Could is possibly because they are now a ISP and have new information about how the current system content providers cheat the "unwritten" rule?