I know how Verizon can salvage this Unlimited data going away debacle.....


Don't come out with a negative message, just to say, we aren't letting you have that unlimited data plan anymore.  The truth is I am a heavy user.  I use my phone all day and night long, around 18 hours.  I have a desktop dock that also charges a second standard battery.  I swap those batteries at least once a day.  I use multiple email accounts, Exchange push and GMail, almost all my casual daily web browsing is done on it.  I also never use WiFi at work or home.  Because I don't have to.  But looking at my average usage, over the past 6 months, the average is 1500Mb/mo and my wife barely uses 100Mb/mo on her line.  Combined we use less than the old "standard" 2Gb/mo monthly data plan.  Could I use more if I tried, sure.  I could choose to download a 20Gb file on my phone....but why? 

So.....how about it Verizon, give us ROLLOVER DATA!   Give us a decent data share plan but sweeten the deal with some sort of rollover/data banking policy.  Most people won't use it still, and the heavy users will be happier knowing they have a buffer, and in the end people really aren't using any more data.  You just have to allow people to use what they paid for already!

Yep, that's right, most of us won't use the 4Gb/mo currently being sold, this is true.  But lets say one month I DO want to download something for work or otherwise that is huge.  If I have been consistently using 50% of my data I have been paying for for the past 6 months.  Let me bank that PAID FOR DATA (yes I paid for it even though I didn't use it) so that on the exceptions I can splurge without an overage, because after all I paid for that much data.

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