Re: 4G LTE Network Extender does not work with iPhone XR


I've been having this problem also ever since I got my iPhone XS, the new iPhones can connect to band 66 at your closet tower , and Verizon will only set your extender to band 13 or 4 BUT the phone will want to hold on to band 66 even if it only has 1 bar! Do a field test to determine what band your on when it won't connect (most likely Band 66) then toggle airplane mode to connect to the network extender and do the same field test( problaly Band 13 when connected)

the solution for this problem is Verizon changing the network extender to Band 66 but they REFUSE to do it and won’t even admit its the problem

call them to complain, I’ve called and told them dozens of times and they won’t even open a ticket for me anymore