Re: VZW Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender 2 - Range and Whitelisting Configure by VZW Tech Support?

In addition to taking the extender antenna and placed it with the provided 20-23 foot GPS cable on top of a door frame taped on bottom at other end of room from my windows facing the SW sky which did initially (clear instructions in the 79 page user manual), the answer to this is simple to limit the range of the extender in many situations, after talking with an engineering contact After log into the website interface of the extender as a user, go to Settings, Advanced, Transmit Power (this is on page 31 of 79 of the pdf or page 23 physical copy). When I first looked at the description 'You can use the slider to adjust the power transmitted by the 4G LTE Network Extender from full power (100 % = 20dBm) to lowest power (0 % = 10dBm). This is achieved by applying digital attenuation in 0.1 dB steps from 10dBm to 20dBm.' I thought, say what? What this does, is by reducing the power of the extender, it reduces the range, so in my case, I changed the setting from default of 100% to 75% (it can be adjusted in increments of 1%) and click Apply (done with a minute or two, no reboot needed), so this takes the extender range of around 48-50 feet and reduced that down to around 35 feet. It also reduces the initial connect range from the default 15-20 feet to say around 12 or so feet, putting it steps inside my *ground level* apartment door, and not transmitting it to outside my door, the apartment mailboxes, the sidewalk, etc. It also reduces the dBm strength so it still is 75-85 dBM (5 bars) say within 15 feet of the extender, but it can go to 90-95 dBm (3-4 bars) in the far room corner when get out to 30-35 feet from it, still very good, compared to weak 110-115 dBm (1-2 bars) inside before without the extender. Also have to experiment and tweak for your own environment if close by neighbors (never set close to or down to 0 as it makes the extender useless, reason they call it an Advanced setting) and of course building construction (wood, brick, etc.) inside and outside can affect the extender's signal range. After tweaking (first 80%, then 75%), I then confirmed for a few minutes by walking outside my apartment building from out of extender range and then to, no initial network connect could be made to the extender anywhere outside my apartment as could see. I have been monitoring it for five days now, and as far as can see so far, no unauthorized connections. Over the weeks, talked with at least several VZW tech support reps on the phone at all levels (1st, 2nd, and above), no one ever mentioned this in calls something the user can do had with them, which think in part the user manual description above of the Transmit Power setting is in very technical jargon which only the very most advanced technical minds can understand. This above will be helpful to some others, and the VZW tech team answering 1-800 user phone calls about the extender should know about this, pre-order sale and post-order sale. As far as the whitelisting, here is one issue with that thinking it through. If you call 911 to your home or business having the extender, if you done the whitelisting if that function was allowed, that would block first responders with VZW 4G LTE phones (police, fire, rescue) coming to save you i.e a medical emergency from using the cell signal inside, similar to the concept of a cellular jammer which is illegal in most cases. This could possibly create a legal liability issue, if such first responders cannot use their mobiles inside your premises to call the hospital or other first responders as needed. One solution to that, all first responders in all localities across the nation with Verizon Wireless phones, especially 4G as CDMA is being retired by around year, would need special software or hardware chips in their phones to allow automatic whitelisting. Also some updating of the software on the extender to allow this also. At best, expect this would take months to do if not longer. There may also be other reasons why whitelisting is not allowed.