Re: Recurrent MME Communication Error on Extender


Add me to this list as well. I've been having this problem constantly for the past few months. Judging by this thread it's been an ongoing issue for nearly a year without resolution? Not only are we paying significant amount of money for Verizon service, we also had to purchase the Samsung LTE Extender as well, replacing our already purchased Samsung CDMA Extender because Verizon won't add service in our area, and it's really going to terrible when CDMA is turned off!

When I first started having this issue I thought possibly the GPS cable and antenna were bad so I purchased brand new cable and antenna. Antenna has full clear view of the sky, so GPS signal shouldn't be an issue. Factory resets, Home router firmware updates, network diagnostics checking for possible blocked ports or IPs. 150/15 mbps cable internet with no issues with latency. 

Please, fix this! 

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