Re: VZW Samsung 4G LTE Network Extender 2 - Range and Whitelisting Configure by VZW Tech Support?
Figuring that Samsung has got to know about their 4G LTE Extender 2, I emailed them and got their helpful response below (its not in the 79 page online user manual) about the difficult question about the extender range. This seems to be my experience so far having had the extender for a week now. "Your mobile device must be within 15 feet* of the Network Extender to connect to it. Una vez conectado, es posible alejar el dispositivo móvil hasta una distancia máxima de 40 pies* del extensor de red y aun así hacer una llamada o usar datos. Once you've connected to the Network Extender network, you can move within a broader coverage area (40 feet from the Network Extender or up to a 5,000 square foot area). You can make and receive calls as usual as long as you stay within the Network Extender coverage area. *The coverage area required to establish an initial connection and the broader coverage area of the Network Extender cannot be guaranteed and may vary due to environmental factors, such as physical structures and the strength of external tower coverage."