Re: 4G Network Extender Issues


At this point I believe my issue is resolved. Still finalizing my testing and making sure no new issues were introduced w/ iOS 11 update. To make a long story short, my main issue was resolved by Samsung removing certain Macro network peers on my Femto. These peers were on frequencies with higher priorities and as a result was causing my phone to constantly flip back and forth to the Macro network as long as it had a Macro signal, even a really bad one.  While I too originally thought the issue was triggered by the SW update, we disproved this theory by downgrading the SW and the bad behavior still existed. I still have the problem where frequently I am bumped down to 20% power. At this point VZW/Samsung know what event triggers this, but don't yet have a plan in place to resolve. I told them that this needs to get fixed since I cannot be responsible for logging in to my unit each morning to see if my power level got bumped down.

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