Re: Green SYS LED on Samsung NE explained

I should add one more thing. The web page at Meaning of LED Status Indicators - Verizon Wireless Network Extender - 1X/EvDO/Business | Verizon Wi... is poorly formatted for web viewing. Copy the entire page from the title ("Meaning of LED Status Indicators ...) through the last line of the normal startup progression list and paste it into a spreadsheet such as Excel, or even into a word processor such as MS Word or Libre Office. You'll get a nicely formatted tabular document which can be easily manipulated for best readability. You can print this document out and keep it with the documentation on your Samsung network extender to supplement the "Quick Start Guide" document which came with it.

This accomplishes two things. It provides you with a concise, well formatted document describing the states of the network extender and its connection to the Verizon network, and should Verizon decide to remove this document from its website you'll have a permanent copy as long as you have this device.