Re: Misinformed by a Verizon corporate store about Early Edge and now loosing hundred of dollars in order to get account straightened back out.


I'm so disgusted with the Edge program.  I signed up and got a iphone that I'm paying full price for.  They told me I had to turn in my Samsung Galaxy 2 Note in order to be eligible for the program.  I owned the Samsung outright...didn't buy it from Verizon.  I should never have let them have it....I got NOTHING for it, no discount.  It was in perfect condition.  I have kicked myself for allowing this and it has really made me disgruntled about Verizon.  I spend $150 a month for one smartphone and one basic for my husband.  We never use all of our data or minutes.  When I finish with this Edge plan, I will be looking for a new carrier.  I'm also encouraging my children and grandchildren to go with another carrier.  Both of my children own businesses and will also look for another carrier there.