How do I manage my text messages and call logs in Verizon Cloud?


I have integrated messaging with VZ Messages app installed on my new iPhone 6. Texting works just fine, and I can see the messages via desktop through

However, my text messages are not being backed up to Verizon Cloud and I see no way to do that. All tutorials suggest this is an included feature, but not for me. I downloaded the desktop app and that's even more confusing - as it sends me back to this website for settings - which still do not allow me to backup text messages (and attached images) to the cloud.

When I purchased my new iPhone 2 weeks ago, I was able to load in 90 days worth of older text messages that were still saved in the VZ Messages app online. But now - I see no way to save them beyond the 90 days the Messages app stores them.

HELP please? Why do I not have this option? And how do I get my text messaging backed up?

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