How do I manage my text messages and call logs in Verizon Cloud?


I have integrated messaging with VZ Messages app installed on my new iPhone 6. Texting works just fine, and I can see the messages via desktop through

However, my text messages are not being backed up to Verizon Cloud and I see no way to do that. All tutorials suggest this is an included feature, but not for me. I downloaded the desktop app and that's even more confusing - as it sends me back to this website for settings - which still do not allow me to backup text messages (and attached images) to the cloud.

When I purchased my new iPhone 2 weeks ago, I was able to load in 90 days worth of older text messages that were still saved in the VZ Messages app online. But now - I see no way to save them beyond the 90 days the Messages app stores them.

HELP please? Why do I not have this option? And how do I get my text messaging backed up?

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Re: How do I manage my text messages and call logs in Verizon Cloud?

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I apologize for any confusion. As the iPhone comes with a back up program of its own via the iCloud the VZ Cloud is not manufactured to back up text messages or Call logs for iPhones. On iPhones the VZ Cloud can only back up contacts, photos, and videos. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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