SIM not recognized??


I purchased a new Samsung Galaxy S 5 this Black Friday using my upgrade to take advantage of the free phone and I also changed my data plan to 4GB of internet usage instead of the 1 I am getting now paying month-to-month. I billed that $80 from the upgrade fee and the mail-in-rebate amount to my account.

I went to activate my new phone and SURPRISE! wont work.

I have spoken to a representative, but they knew nothing about how to help me.

MyVerizon won't let me switch devices, and dialing *228 tells me that the SIM is "not recognized or registered".

I also called the orders and activations number and got the same result.

"Cannot be completed at this time."

What do I have to do to have a Verizon transaction work properly???

Please help. VZW support isn't communicating fast enough and I am becoming extremely frustrated.

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