Re: Very Bad Experience with EDGE Program, Trying to get a resolution for 2 Months

Líder Sénior

It seems as if you have done all that should be expected of you. I have seen where exchanging the phone at an Apple store has caused this type of problem when performing an Edge Up when the Apple employee who makes the exchange does not file the proper paperwork in order to have this reflected in Verizon's records.

I would try contacting the area president for your location or possibly the person in charge of national customer service. The following site has information about Verizon Wireless leadership with a method to make contact. Simply click on the "View Profile" link on the person in question and at the bottom of the page should be a contact line.

I would relate your story to one of these executives and am confident they will have the fortitude to help you out in a timely fashion.

Good luck.Smiley Happy

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