Very Bad Experience with EDGE Program, Trying to get a resolution for 2 Months


This is long winded but a lot has happened in two months. My wife and I are both on the Edge program. When she initially signed up for the program she got the Iphone 5. She ended up having some technical problems with the screen on her phone so she took it to an Apple store. The Apple representative replaced the phone for her and this is where all of our problems started. A couple months later she was eligible to “Edge Up.” She decided to do that when the newest Iphone came out. She got the Iphone 6 and sent her old phone back just like she was supposed to. The phone was sent back to her because Verizon said it wasn’t the original phone. She called Verizon and explained what happened and was instructed to resend the phone, which she did. We didn’t hear any more about it until our October 27th bill was $398.51 higher than it should have been. They charged us as if we never returned the phone.

We called Verizon a couple times and finally on November 8th a ticket ([removed]) was filed. At that time the representative told us she would follow up within the next couple days but she didn’t. During the ensuing month we made close to 15 inquiries (THAT IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION) with Verizon customer service. During the first 3 or 4 calls we were told that the refund should be coming soon and to be patient. After that the representatives would ask some new questions but mostly ones that we answered on previous calls. The representatives would say they’d have to do some investigating and would give us a call back in a couple days. With the exception of one time, they never did so my wife or I would call Verizon back. Each time we’d be connected to a different person so we would have to repeat the same story and answer repetitive questions. Before we would get off the phone we would ask to make sure the account notes were updated in hopes that we wouldn’t have to keep explaining ourselves.

We were becoming very frustrated over the whole situation. It bothered us that they weren't getting back to us, that each time we called we had to tell the same information and mostly because we weren't getting any answers about our four hundred dollars.

Finally about a WHOLE MONTH after the original ticket was filed, on December 5th I finally spoke to a Representative (JP) that was helpful. Apparently, the ticket was stalled because the Verizon Rep either put incorrect or inadequate information on the ticket.  She was able to track it down with the USPS tracking number. That frustrated us further because we couldn’t understand why she was able to find this out but why none of the other people could. She was going to look into this further and gave me an email address so I wouldn’t have to keep talking to new people.

We have emailed back in forth many times since December 5th.  After the third submission of the ticket by JP, some warehouse in TX has confirmed they received my wife’s phone but I still don’t have a refund. I don’t know what to do!!! At this point I am beyond frustrated. I actually feel a little helpless. This has gone on for over two months. My wife and I have literally spent hours on the phone with Verizon. I haven’t heard from JP since before Christmas. I never would have before but I am considering another wireless company. Can anyone on here help me or point me to someone that can? For anyone that is currently considering the edge program I would think twice.

If anyone is willing to help or has any ideas please let me know.

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