Re: $200 Gift Card for Switching


I fell victim to this scam in Oct 2019.  I switched 2 lines - each one was eligible for $200 rebate (total $400).   I was told by the sales rep to expect the cards in about 2 months.  When my cards did not arrive, I called customer service - they informed me that I had to enter my information in some website within 30 days.  Initially, I was told it was too late to do anything.  

After multiple calls and many hours, Verizon customer service credited $100 per line (total $200) to my Verizon account.  The Customer Service Rep said this was the best she could do. I find this hard to believe and I am still $200 short.

I like your suggestion of posting about this scam on social media.  I think contacting the Better Business Bureau is also a way to go.  

Note - one of my calls was transferred to the 3rd party vendor that issues the gift card.  I don't understand why I was transferred to them - they could do nothing without a reference number from Verizon.  I found it interesting that the person I spoke with was upset about the huge number of calls from people with this exact same problem.


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