$200 Gift Card for Switching


I went to a Verizon store near me to start a new account and switch 3 lines over and purchases all new phones for those 3 lines to. The salesman told me that I will get a $200 gift card in the mail in 2 to 3 months for each line that I switched and this is a big reason I decided to switch to. Well never told me about putting a code in online or nothing after a couple months of waiting for these gift cards in the mail I stopped into the store and asked about it and they said that I had to put a code in online to get it and that it's been over 30 days so I can't get it anymore. I feel like I was scammed the way this was done and don't know what my options are now. If I would have know I had to do that I would have did it to get $600 in gift cards, like anyone would. I was happy for switching to Verizon but now having second thoughts after this issue