Moving to Verizon has been on of the worst experiences in customer service


This has been the worst experiance of moving from ATT to Verizon.  From the fact that I was not told of all the charges up front, to no live support and the chat service dumping me off and not answering my questions, to terrible coverage in my area, even though the map shows i should have excellent coverage.  We are now working on the 16th hour of my being on the phone with either Verizon or ATT.  I still do not have the coverage issue resolved, not the billing issue.  I asked three different reps to have a manager call me back and not one person has called me back.

So now I have a bill for 4 lines that is higher than 6 lines from ATT.  I have terrible coverage.  Was billed more than i was told it would be.  No manager has called me back.  The best was when I was told the poor coverage was due to the plan i purchased.  Better plan, better coverage.  I had to explain to the verizon rep that cell coverage had nothing to do with download speed.  

So, now i have to research yet another carrier, because ATT and Verizon both have gotten far to large for their own good.   But I am not a large company with leverage so I am stuck with fending for myself.  

And last but not least, on the Verizon chat groups claim that no one can make outside calls when i asked that we have a live conversation.  A communication company that sells voice services cannot allow anyone to make outside calls....let that sink  in. 

If a Verizon manager wants to talk live, i would love to have that conversation.  Somehow I do not think that will happen.


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