Re: What is up with the internet speed?????


Hello Chakia, Thank you for getting back to me with a positive message. I rely on my phone at work a lot because my work network has a tight security. I work in Sylmar, CA where the network is pretty much slow all day. I go home and am on WiFi so I don't notice the network as much. I do work in an office setting and both surfing the net and sending image messages take forever; sometimes the message wouldn't even go through. And I have the "Get More Unlimited" plan. To load a webpage takes minutes which is worse than the speed on my iPhone 7 and AT&T. I have the iPhone 11 pro max now with Verizon and the amount of time it takes for me to do anything is at least half time slower. It is very disappointing because I switched with such high expectations of Verizon. 

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