Re: Long Time Customers do we matter?


I've been with VZW for 26 years. That's because they have the best service in my area and when we travel. It's not because of pricing as they aren't the lowest price I'm sure. I've bought several iPhones and Android phones direct rather than from Verizon over the last several years. However last August Verizon had an offer for the iPhone X. You could trade an iPhone 6 or 7. They gave me a quote online of $335 for her iPhone 7. I went to the store. The rep wanted me to send it in for credit I said no, I wanted it done there. He gave us $335 immediately for the trade and she got her new X. I just happened on this deal by looking at their website. You need to check. They don't mail these deals out and you often don't see in on TV. And I'm not being ignorant but even after my 26 years I don't think I deserve anything more than a new customer. I'm just saying. Good luck.